WA5: Sample texts for your WhatsApp (WA) party

Sample texts for the invitations and the sequence




I’d like invite you to my ENERGETIX party on WhatsApp!
Make yourself comfy on the couch and browse all the offers, product videos, promotions and catalogues in the group and be inspired and delighted.
You can simply send your questions to [YOUR NAME], our ENERGETIX consultant, and place orders the same way.
To join, simply follow the link to the group. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.
Starts: [DATE, TIME]
Ends: [DATE, TIME]
A small surprise awaits everyone who orders something!
I hope you enjoy your time there!
You’re welcome to share the link with your family and friends.


What happens at the WhatsApp party?


You can simply enjoy the show, read, watch, be inspired and delighted.
Simply click the link to the product if you see something you like or are interested in and put it in the shopping cart. You can then simply place the order at the end of the party. If you wish, it’s also possible for me to handle the order for you, just write and tell the group or me personally what you want to order.
ENERGETIX will then send a parcel directly to you so you can try the products on and try them out at your leisure. It may be returned if you need a different size or you don’t like something after all!
I need your name so that I can send a ‘THANK YOU’ to the host. If you like, write your full name (the one you want to order with) in this group at the end of the party!
You’ve got until 11.59 p.m. tonight to complete the order.
By sending your name you’re giving me permission to save your details on my mobile phone. I’ll be getting in touch with you in around two weeks to hear how you’re getting on with your nice new items!
I hope you enjoy shopping with WhatsApp!

Sample texts for the on-line flip catalogues and products

Dear Party Participants,

I’m going to send you our on-line flip catalogues first! Enjoy browsing through them and let me know if you’d like more information and explanations about certain products. Just send a message directly to the group, preferably by tomorrow morning. Don’t hesitate to message me in a personal chat with any specific questions you may have. I’m looking forward to having a great party with you!

The link to your personalized on-line flip catalogue takes visitors straight to your webshop. You’ll find your personal link in your MMS under: Webshop > Webshop configuration.


Not only for the athletes among us… for everyone who likes things to be uncomplicated!
Our sportEX bracelets are made of silicone and are particularly comfortable to wear, whether for sports or leisure. For the adults – but also especially popular with the little ones, too!

This is the link to the product:

Movement and well-being

This set of two differently sized fascia balls that are perfect for self-massage and loosening the fascias promises to help relax the muscles. Each ball has been made from the natural material of cork and features three magnets. The set comes with a textile pouch for storage.
This is the link to the product:

Water is life

H2O💧 + the power of magnets🧲 = BalancePlus

Use this well-designed drinking bottle as your everyday companion. Its design and use guarantee a wide range of possible applications. Experience wellness with every sip! The BalancePlus-Mix supplies you with balancing, alkaline water with a pH value that’s ideal.

This is the link to the product: