WA2: Sequence of your WhatsApp (WA) party – general

Your WA party at a glance

  • WA parties can last for up to two days.
  • It’s possible for several parties to run alongside each other.
  • There’s a host who invites people to the party and who, of course, is able to join in the exchanges. By asking questions and making suggestions and so on.
  • The number of participants shouldn’t be too high – you’ll still be able to attend personally to everyone at the party when it’s limited to between 10 and 15 guests.
  • In the best case, some participants will already know each other, which will help the atmosphere along.
  • You’ll be posting content bit by bit to the party group. There’s more about that later.

Your offer for the host

  • Host gift worth 10% of the turnover if the delivery is sent to her and she distributes the orders and collects the money.
  • Host gift worth 5% of the turnover when the guests order directly from your on-line shop or when you place the orders as the consultant (on behalf the guests) in your on-line shop.
  • Twenty to 40% of the turnover in ‘money’ if they make the party ‘their own’ and become ENERGETIX business partners. Host offers

This is a recommendation from practice and is not binding.

You’ll find detailed information about the currently best way to process orders in your training portal at WhatsApp party > Best practice: How customers can order

Advance organization

Creating your party group

  • Create a ‘New group’ with you and the host as participants
  • The group name should be unique, e.g.:
    ‘Simone’s ENERGETIX Party’
  • You can choose an appealing product picture as the group’s profile picture – perhaps based on the party’s motto or the host’s preferences.

Identify your party groups with a label

WA Business allows you to label the individual parties with colours and keywords to create a better overview.

This helps you keep track of things, particularly when you’re running several parties at the same time.

Send the host an invitation template with the link to the group

  • It’s up to the host to send out the invitations with the link to the WA party.
  • You can get the link by clicking ‘Group info’ in the hamburger menu within the group and scrolling down to ‘Invite with link’.
  • Copy and paste the link into your invitation template and forward it to the host.
  • The host should also tell her invited guests that the party isn’t ‘live’ and that no one needs to be on their cell phones at specific times.

You’ll find sample texts, including invitations, at your training portal under WhatsApp party > Sample texts for your WhatsApp party

You’ll also find pictures for designing the invitation in your MMS under Service > Individual advertising templates

Greeting and content


You can greet your party guests with your own video once they’ve all joined the group (participants who join later won’t see previous posts):
Provide a brief introduction of yourself and describe the purpose of the group. Be yourself and make sure that the video isn’t too long.

You’ll find tips about how to produce your video at your training portal under WhatsApp party > Personal video tips
Sample videos under: WhatsApp party > Sample videos

The contents of your WA party

Now start gradually posting content to the group:

  • On-line flip catalogues
  • Self-produced videos
  • ENERGETIX videos, e.g. about the BalancePlus bottle, about sportEX, about MagnetRelax, etc.
  • Interesting facts about the items of jewellery
  • You can get the guests to ask questions, talk about interests and respond to them.
  • It’s also possible to exchange personal messages with guests should the topics become very detailed or personal.
  • You’ll also be bringing up the topics of additional bookings and winning business partners.

The same applies here as for any other party:


End and follow-up

You’ll find more information about the content in your training portal under WhatsApp party > WA party content.
You’ll find ENERGETIX videos in your training portal and also on ENERGETIX’s YouTube channel:

The end of your party

  • You should start asking people to place orders towards the end of your party at the latest. You can do so either directly in the group or perhaps better through personal messages when you’re dealing with larger groups.
  • And it’s best to get consent for storing data from party guests through personal messages and then get it confirmed again with a signature on the receipt block the next time you make personal contact.
  • Depending on the agreement with the host:
    The delivery is sent to the host. She distributes the orders and collects the money.
    The guests order directly in your on-line shop or you as the consultant place orders on behalf of the guests in your on-line shop.

You’ll find information about the order process in your training portal under WhatsApp party > Best practice: How customers can order

Following up in the MMS

  • Entering customers
  • Entering ordered articles
  • Adding details, e.g.
    Interest in becoming a host
    Interest in becoming a business partner
    Contact through XY
  • Setting a date for the next call / WA

Personal follow-up

Concrete (telephone) appointments:

  • Short term (within one to three days) for further bookings / recommendations and winning business partners
  • Longer-term for consultation / customer bonding (satisfaction, well-being, further consultations, etc.)