3. Your Zoom business presentation – general

Your Zoom business presentation at a glance

  • A business presentation with Zoom should last around an hour.
  • It’s like a live business presentation.
  • It should be a mix of presentation of the business opportunity and informal chat.
  • It’s recommended that you have a few successful colleagues join you so that they can share their experiences and successes in the exchanges at the end of the meeting.
  • It can also be a great help if you organize technical support to allow you to concentrate on the presentation.
    That could be a family member, your mentor or another colleague.
  • Your supporter should be responsible for making sure that the technology works, he or she can also read and answer comments, unmute, etc.
    It’s only important that you arrange who does what beforehand. You have to create your supporter as the ‘Alternative host’ in the meeting details.
  • We recommend that you set up a test meeting and practice in advance – with family, friends or your team – particularly if you’re still unfamiliar with the technology.

Your Zoom business presentation – organization in advance

Create a Zoom meeting while keeping the following in mind:

  • The meeting name should be unique: for example:
  • ‘ENERGETIX Business Presentation on…’
  • Check the ‘Registration required’ box:
  • Check the ‘Mute participants when joining’ box
  • Enter your supporter as an alternative host where appropriate

Invite your prospects

  • Invitations to the Zoom business presentation are best made in person. So approach customers and prospects and tell them about the great opportunity that getting to know ENERGETIX without any obligation offers.
  • Send the meeting link by mail or WhatsApp to people who’ve promised to take part and explain briefly how the registration works.
  • Point out to those invited that the business presentation is ‘live’ and that the guests should join on time.
  • Also tell them that it’s better to log in via a PC / laptop rather than from a mobile device.
  • You can also, for example, put a JPG flyer in your WhatsApp status to draw attention to the event. But that won’t replace personal invitations.
  • You can also use the film about the business opportunity to advertise.

You’ll find images for designing the ‘flyer’ in your MMS under Service > Individual advertising templates
You’ll find ENERGETIX videos on ENERGETIX’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/ENERGETIXBingen

Your Zoom business presentation – greeting


It would be best to display the window with the business presentation’s greeting slide until all participants are present.

Stop displaying this window, switch on your webcam, go to the ‘Participant view’ and encourage the participants to also turn on their cameras when you want to greet the participants.

Say hello to everyone, introduce yourself briefly and explain how the presentation is structured:

“My name is…, I’ve been with ENERGETIX for… and it makes me absolutely happy. I’ll be showing you why in a minute and, when I get to the end of my presentation, some of my successful colleagues are also going to be sharing their experiences with you. There will, of course, be time for your questions afterwards.”

Like this or something similar – it’s best to do it individually, as it suits you best.

It’s always best anyway for you to familiarize yourself with the presentation and not to have to read from texts.

Your Zoom business presentation – content

  • Go through the presentation slide by slide and, in the meantime you can, for example, open our YouTube page (the link is integrated in the presentation) to demonstrate what kind of videos are available there.
  • Or, if there’s enough time, click the film of our Collection Premiere under ‘Incredible events’ to enable prospects to feel the atmosphere at ENERGETIX. Return to the participant view once you’ve come to the end of your presentation and kick off the chat. This is where successful colleagues will be able to share their experiences and successes and, of course, you should also provide prospects with the opportunity to ask questions.
  • If the questions get too detailed or too personal, put off answering them until you can arrange a personal meeting, which you should do with all interested parties anyway as part of the follow-up to the business presentation, and in the best case arrange appointments for your 1:1 meeting.

The presentation is available to download here > Download business presentation
You’ll find ENERGETIX videos on ENERGETIX’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/ENERGETIXBingen

We wish you lots of success with your Zoom business presentation!