WA4: Tips for your personal videos

Your videos – for greeting guests and introducing individual products

A smartphone, a little preparation and a well-lit location – that’s about all you need to shoot a professional clip.
It’s absolutely sufficient to jot down a few key points for a rough concept of the video. Approach it with spontaneity and talk freely. Speaking freely is the supreme discipline when shooting videos because it automatically makes you appear natural and authentic.

It’s very important to the content of your video that you know who you’re aiming your video at. Define your target audience and put yourself in the viewers’ shoes. Why do they need this video? What information is relevant for them? How will they benefit from watching the video? And always make sure that your video isn’t too long.

The location is also very important for your video: light, sound, background noises – there are many things that you need to remember when thinking about your location. Tidy up your location and perhaps even decorate it in the ENERGETIX design and/or set up a jewellery table. Ensure that the room is sufficiently lit.

Shaky recordings don’t look very professional. You can lean your smartphone against something or jam it between something if you don’t have a tripod. The main thing is that you’re properly framed.

You’ve set up your smartphone so it’s not going to wobble? The lighting is good? The framing is correct and you’re not too close and not too far away from the camera? Sit or stand in front of the camera; it’d be best to have an ‘assistant’ check if you’re framed properly. Keep the following things in mind when shooting:

  • Avoid zooming and panning
  • Don’t use extreme perspectives
  • Film at eye level
  • Activate the autofocus
  • Use your smartphone’s rear camera

And then: have fun and success with your videos!