WA1: How to use the technology and WhatsApp

You need three things for a successful WA party:

  1. an ENERGETIX webshop
  2. WhatsApp Business
  3. WhatsApp Web 1.(not essential but it does make things a lot easier)

1. The ENERGETIX webshop

The ENERGETIX webshop can be really useful for WhatsApp (WA) parties.

The webshop lets you easily send product links to your customers and makes it very easy for your customers to place orders and pay for them. Personalized on-line flip catalogues are available for our main and wellness catalogues that you can link to for customers to see.

That means that it’s possible for sales to continue in the webshop even after the party has ended and that your ENERGETIX business is open 24/7. And the best part is that you don’t have to do a thing.

ENERGETIX will then process the orders and payments. Parcels will be sent directly to customers and will – along with the ordered products dispatched in high-quality packaging – also include a thank-you card with your contact details and the actual main and wellness catalogue if you wish.

You’ll find all the details about the webshop in the MMS under Webshop > Order webshop.
ENERGETIX is currently offering the option for everyone to try the webshop at no cost for two months. In other words, no basic fees will be charged for the first two months. You’ll also find all the details about this in the MMS.

2. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a free app that has been designed specifically for owners of small businesses. Use it to create a catalogue that presents your products and services. Its tools that automate, sort and quickly respond to messages mean that the app makes communications with customers very easy.

WhatsApp Business is available for:

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/app/whatsapp-business/id1386412985
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapp.w4b

It’s also very easy to install WhatsApp Business.
Option 1: Use WhatsApp Business instead of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business can automatically transfer all contact information and chats if you’ve already got WhatsApp Messenger installed on your smartphone.

You’ll be asked if you want to use the existing phone number when you open WhatsApp Business for the first time.

All data will be moved from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business if you agree.

That’s certainly the easiest way of doing it.

WhatsApp Business then works just like the normal WhatsApp Messenger except it comes with a few additional features.

This option requires you to create a backup of your chats before installing WhatsApp Business to prevent the loss of data from your chats.
This is easily achieved via Settings > Chats > Chats backup

Option 2: Parallel use of WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business

It’s optionally also possible to use WhatsApp Business alongside the normal WhatsApp Messenger. You’ll have to tap the ‘Use another number’ link to do this. It’s possible to enter any number you like there. Even landline numbers are possible.

WhatsApp will then want to verify the phone number you provided. Select ‘Call me’ here if you’re using a landline number.

A call will be made to the telephone number you entered. You’ll be given a six-digit code during this call. Enter this code into WhatsApp Business.

It will then be possible to use WhatsApp Business alongside the already installed WhatsApp Messenger.

Customers will, of course, see the phone number you entered when they tap the ‘Info’ about you. You should therefore use a phone number under which you are actually available.

WhatsApp Business will then ask you for your company name:

You can now enter information about your business here:

Please then tap Settings in the lower right corner and then Company settings:

Enter your shop details and the personal on-line flip catalogue for the main catalogue under websites.
You’ll find the link to your personal on-line flip catalogue in your MMS under: Webshop > Webshop configuration
This makes it possible for your customers to browse the catalogue and they’ll be redirected to your webshop when they click a product.

3. WhatsApp Web

Your guests will have lots of questions and you’ll also want to send lots of information, pictures, videos and links to them during your parties. That can quickly become confusing if you have to do all that on your smartphone. But WhatsApp also has a great solution to help you here. WhatsApp Web makes it possible for you use WhatsApp on your PC or Mac.

Simply enter this URL in your computer’s browser:


An image with a QR code will be displayed. Now open WhatsApp on your smartphone and select WhatsApp Web in the Settings and scan the code.