WA3: Contents of your WhatsApp (WA) party

The contents of your WA-party can be very varied; contents are available that are relevant to all parties, e.g. your welcome video at the beginning, the on-line flip catalogues, etc., but there are also contents that depend on you or the guests at your party. There is no right or wrong: WhatsApp parties are as individual as LIVE parties, as individual as you are!

One tip in advance: get the hostess on board, partner with her, she can get involved by throwing in questions and contributing to the good atmosphere.
She can also privately message you about what might be of interest to specific guests.

Contents of your WhatsApp party are or could be:

  • Your welcome video
  • Links to on-line flip catalogues (directly in your webshop)
  • Images of the jewellery
    Your own, for example, from your personal jewellery table
    Images by ENERGETIX
  • Videos
    Your own, e.g. about certain products
    ENERGETIX videos about products but also about the atmosphere in our company (e.g. Collection Premiere video)
  • Things to know:
    About magnetism
    About the jewellery material
    Ring sizes
    Bracelet sizes
  • You can get the guests to ask questions, talk about interests and respond to them. It’s also possible to exchange personal messages with guests should the topics become very detailed or personal.
  • You could, for example, also present your personal favourite item of jewellery / set,
    e.g. with a catalogue picture and/or an image showing you wearing the jewellery yourself.
  • The two important points to be brought up at each presentation must also be included in your party’s content, of course:
    Additional bookings (you can advertise the host gift and refer to the host offers in this regard)
    Winning business partners (suggest that you’d provide infos on a personal basis and upload posts that will help people get in the mood, e.g. our Collection Premiere film)
  • And always, of course, remind people to place orders…
  • Be creative and fill your WhatsApp party with life! Have fun doing so!
  • The link to your personalized on-line flip catalogue takes visitors straight to your webshop. You’ll find your personal link in your MMS under: Webshop > Webshop configuration.
  • You’ll find sample videos, e.g. for the welcome video, in your training portal.
  • You’ll find ENERGETIX videos in your training portal and also on ENERGETIX’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ENERGETIXBingen
  • You’ll find all the images for the current collection and from the current flyers as well as JPGs of our show it! display motifs in the download area in the ‘Images for the web’ category
  • We’re also providing the information about the host offers as JPG files to help you promote additional bookings.