1. Zoom presentations

The live nature of such video-conferencing programs as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype and so on makes them ideal for presentations during which you want to communicate directly and immediately with your opposites and be present as a personality.

This type of presentation is therefore suitable for jewellery and wellness presentations as well as for business presentations and one-to-one conversations.

We’ve used ‘Zoom’ here as a solution example to provide an insight into both the technology and how it’s generally possible to structure the content of your sessions.

There is one aspect that is important here as it is with any other new option and that is that you take up the challenge that the technology presents and structure your presentation in the way that best suits you. Be yourself because that’s how you’ll come across as authentic and likeable and that’s how your customers and potential new business partners will like you.

You’re bound to have lots of questions, and you’ll have to try out a few things but you’ll get the hang of it and tackling the new challenges will help you grow. Accept the challenges in line with our motto for this year, which is: ‘Growing together’. And – as with all questions – your mentor and we at ENERGETIX are here for you.